Bullshit free Business, Marketing, & Mindset for female founders

Are you ready to market yourselves in a unique and potent way that involves embracing your mess, mastering your mindset and utilizing strategy and storytelling to create a powerful AF message that cannot be ignored.

We're going to build a business that fits your life, not the other way around

The point of being self-employed, is to have more, time, money, and freedom in your life. So that is exactly what we are going to do! It's possible to be profitable, you just need a little bit more business, and a little less bullshit. Here are some of the ways I help women led companies and small personal brands with this...

Online Programs

From new to experienced, I have an array of go at your own pace courses OR group programs for those who want to learn from afar. 

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The Membership

Join the Messy Marketer Membership, and learn how to combine storytelling, marketing, and mindset to become an unstoppable brand.

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Private Coaching

For experienced entrepreneurs hoping to reach new levels in their business they haven't yet, customized support is available.

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Hi there —

I'm Lauren Grayson

 I had multiple attempts at business before I found my thing. Now I've grown two businesses, a successful photography studio based in Ohio, and my coaching and education company, and I'm finally living a life I actually enjoy.

I don't do dance parties, and I won't hold your hand.

But, I do get results.

Sound like what you need right now? Then pull up your big girl panties, and let me tell you more about my story and what I do for women just like you...

Yes, I have on my big girl panties!→


Considering my average open rate for my email list is between 30-50%, I would say my ramblings aren't half bad. Head to the blog if you want to read through some of my best business and marketing tips. You never know what other surprises you might find in there. 

I like surprises

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