4 Tips for Showing Up On Social Media

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You know what I'm talking about. And I swear there isn't a bigger offender than online business owners, creatives, and yes you PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Posting beautiful graphics, quotes, and photography. Sharing clients and your work. But...what I don't see on your Instagram Y-O-U!

GIRL, why are you HIDING?! 🙈

Let’s talk about how you are doing your business a huge disservice by refusing to show up as you are. You might be making excuses like...
I don’t have any updated photos of me.
I can’t afford a branding photographer.
I have no idea what to say in IG stories.
It’s so uncomfortable and I’m so awkward!

But these are all just excuses. The truth of the matter is, it's awkward. It's uncomfortable. It's a little weird sometimes. Especially those of us who are shy and not as outgoing, turning the camera around to record yourself talking into can seem just ridiculous.

But, it's essential. 

What do most solopreneurs struggle with the most?

MarketingAnd I’m here to tell ya that marketing isn’t always what you think.

As a personal brand, you are the literal FACE of your company. And people want to see YOU! They want to KNOW YOU! You are missing out on a chance to build your relationship with your audience. Not only is this marketing, but it's proven in sales tactics as well. People want and crave connection more than anything. So, when someone is going to look to hire someone for a service, how well they feel a connection with you WILL become a factor in deciding who they hire. And those who have put themselves out there, shown their face, and built their relationships, will win out every time. 

It doesn't matter how good your work is, people want the person behind the brand. 

Building relationships is a part of marketing.

Believe it or not, most of us aren’t actually narcissistic assholes who turn the camera to our face and blabber away for shits and giggles.

We just know that this is the key to marketing a small and/or online business and it’s the one that many people just can’t seem to get past.

So, if you’re currently going “shit, that’s me!” I’ve got 4️⃣ tips for you:

1️⃣ Take note or what you stop to watch and love from others. Why was it engaging? Chances are, what you love to engage and interact with, your audience probably will as well! If you aren't your audience, then tray and take away key points on what it was that drew you in. Was it the text, a graphic, the way things were presented? 

2️⃣ Do recorded videos to get more comfortable before you try a live and use a script. IG stories are all prerecorded videos. If you feel like you are going to freeze up in a live, then create videos. There will be a learning curve. Seriously, this is one of those things that the more you do it, the easier it will become. I SWEAR, it really will become more natural, but it's going to take practice and if this is something you never do...allow me to be honest and say you might kind of suck at it at first. Keep going. Don't give up. When I take social breaks or back off, even for just a few weeks or a month, I actually come back and kind of suck at it too and feel like I have to start over again in building up being better at talking into video. It's normal.

3️⃣ Not sure what to say? Poll your audience! Ask them! You can use the question boxes or poll feature in IG stories, do polls on Facebook, or send out a questionnaire to your email list. Or, just talk to people! When common questions come up again and again, realize this is content people WANT from you, and clearly they aren't seeing the answers anywhere. Keep a running list of these content ideas somewhere to pull from when you are feeling stuck on ideas. 

4️⃣ Start alternating images of you in your feed on IG, at least ONE image of you should always be in your top nine and it’s okay if you repeat content, people don’t notice or CARE! Reuse and recycle content to make your life easier, most people won't see EVERYTHING you do. If you need help with this, check out my catchy content course that is ALL about content marketing, and I teach you my system of recycling and reusing content to save me tons of time. You can grab that here

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