Overcoming Fear as a Small Business Owner

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fear as an entrepreneur
Do you remember HOW SCARY it was to start your business?
Do you recall how UNCOMFORTABLE it was to tell other people what you were doing? To express your dreams? Maybe you're even still in that early stage. Maybe you haven't really shared yet, or you're still fighting through it.
Or maybe you're further in, and you're currently complacent, or wondering what the next step is. 
What no one told me when I started my business, was that the wildly terrifying, exciting, and stomach churning beginning…it doesn't ever fully go away.
Unless you've allowed your business to become complacent, in which case, your business is just slowly dying, then it's INEVITABLE that scary moments will continue.
I have those thoughts.
Can I do this forever?
At what point will I be too old or irrelevant for this industry?
Is this the last sale?
The fear doesn't end in the world of business.
But what matters is what you do with it. Will you sit in it, hide from it, or will you work through it? Will you face it? Will you allow yourself to be so fucking uncomfortable, that you actually expand and grow?
This morning in my journal, I wrote down the question, “ Where am I feeling resistance?” and then allowed myself to freely write the true answer. Try it, your answer might even surprise you a little bit.
2019 Lauren would be just appalled at how I'm slowly allowing the woo into my life. But I know now (what she didn't) is that I need it in order to grow, to expand. Expansion is natural, it's normal, and we aren't meant to live in these tiny boxes. 
We are meant for wide open spaces. 
Or some shit like that. You got this!
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