HOW imperfections are a STRENGTH in your business, not a weakness

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It all started in 4th grade. 
My teacher would reward us with little prizes if we were able to solve a math problem first. Not only was I not fast at math, I was (am) pretty bad at it.
One day, she was passing out these adorable little fake chicks (think, smaller than my thumb, cheap plastic feet, and some matted 'fuzz' that is supposed to be feathers, probably a bag of them for a $1) and I just had to have one.
So, I tried. I mean, I REALLY tried. But, I left school that day chickless.
At one point, I remember pulling up the top of my desk (you know those ones that you put all your stuff inside?) and burying my head inside with all my books, and I cried.
I cried because I not only felt worthless, stupid, and I was prizeless...but because I felt different. Imperfect. And this was just ONE of many times that would come to remind me that DIFFERENT did NOT equal better.
Different was bad. Different was stupid.
Different meant no prizes, and imperfection was an undesirable state of being.
Perfection, was the goal. Imperfection, was not.
I know I'm not the only one who was taught from a young age, that imperfection was a faulty trait. Strive to be better, to be as close to perfect as possible. The closer to perfect you are, the more you will be rewarded, right?
Now, I want to say before I go on, I don't blame this teacher. She was honestly a wonderful teacher, and it wasn't just this ONE example in life where I felt the whole 'perfection' pressure. I felt it all over, all the time, and this stayed with me to adulthood.
It wasn't until my early 30s that the whole get it right, get it perfect, and you'll reap the rewards, idea was one I could begin to untangle and view from a new perspective.
Most of us are taught from a very young, early age, this ideal. And then suddenly, you're in business, and you're posting like everyone else, creating content like them, slapping up a website with the same old type of copy...and you're wondering why no one is buying. you're wondering why your marketing isn't working.
Because as it turns out...perfect isn't better. Being like everyone else, and hiding what makes you different, is a huge disservice to you, your brand or business, and all the potential customers you could serve.
This led me to a revelation that has completely changed the way I do business, and live my life...IMPERFECTION IS A STRENGTH, NOT A WEAKNESS.
What makes you YOU, and what makes you imperfect and different, is exactly what will make you stand out to the ideal person you want to work with and can serve.
For many years in my business, I hid parts of who I was and my story and personality, because it wasn't 'perfect'. It didn't match what I saw all the others doing.
If her about me page talks about loving coffee, Jesus, and her perfect children and fabulous husband, well then I guess that is what mine should say too...right?
Couldn't be further from right.
When we view our imperfection as a weakness, we hide what unique lessons we've not only learned or experienced, but that we are uniquely qualified to teach others on.
When we try to show up, and appear to be perfect, we are less relatable. Our brand becomes less 'personal' and more big box and robotic like everyone else's.
And we all know people buy from people they know, like, and trust...but who is going to trust someone they don't know and they don't like because they feel like they not only have nothing in common with them but said person acts like they are better than them?
When we view our imperfections as a strength we not only become immediately more relatable, but we are free. Liberated from the oh-so-very-wrong thought that we have to be perfect to reap rewards and benefits. Oh, the complete opposite is true.
Embracing you, your mess, all your imperfections, lessons learned, and flaws, and sharing them...that is when the rewards begin to come. Not only are we finally able to pull off the mask and be OURSELVES, but we are able to show up, imperfect and all, and fully help others.
this is exactly why I created the messy marketer membership, and what I teach in there. Marketing isn't just strategy. It's not all campaigns, and SEO, creating content, and posting to social media.
Good marketing, when you boil it down, is combining strategy, with storytelling and mindset. It's building relationships. And in my membership, we learn how to market imperfectly, show up just as we are, and embrace all of our mess and use it to our advantage.
and the other day I woke up to these posts inside our private group from a few members
This is what it's all about.
It hasn't even been a year yet, but I launched the Messy Marketer last spring, and these two women were a part of my founding member's launch. At that time the membership had no name, no content, and it was merely just an IDEA and a DREAM that I explained.
And they hopped right in.
Over the last several months I've made changes, updates, and tried to figure out the best way to give the most relevant and beneficial content for everyone inside the group.
Over the last week I've been listening to the book Get Different and so many new marketing angles and ideas have started popping up in my head. I'm so pumped to pour more into this, and to continue to help these women grow their businesses. 
Ready to work on your mindset, your marketing, and embrace all that makes you messy and imperfect?!?!
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