What is a Marketing Campaign?

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 I have been asked several times lately what it means when I say I teach how to launch a ‘marketing campaign’ and if this means I teach how to set up running paid ads on things like Google or Facebook. 
The answer is no, I do not teach paid ads, I teach organic marketing only, and I have kind of a ‘rule’ on paying for ads.
(we'll get to that by the end of this)
Let's talk about the difference between marketing and advertising. I think a LOT of people confuse this concept.

Advertising is paying for your business to be SEEN.

Marketing is creating connections, and making sure your brand is visible to your ideal client, and audience by sharing content and telling stories.

Can advertising be a PART of your marketing plan? 
Absolutely! But advertising does not REPLACE A MARKETING PLAN!
And, for many small businesses or brands, especially early on, advertising will be a big fucking waste of your money and resources. TRUST.

Now, is marketing more complex than this? 
Yes and no. 
You can make it complex, sure. 
But when we boil it down, a good marketer will know who their customer is, what their goals are, what problem they solve, and they’ll understand that telling stories and creating connections with those people are essentially the life blood of their business.

Marketing is one of the hardest concepts for people. 
But, if we strip it down, it’s just people connecting. 
People want to be seen and heard and understood. And a brand that does that, that shows up, that is relatable, is going to win.

Got a tight budget, know you aren't ready for paid ads, but want to figure out a way to market your business? 
Here are a few tips:

1️⃣Start an email list! I suggest Mailchimp for those who are brand new, because there is a free option for under 1k subscribers (I believe that’s the limit on free) but I personally use Flodesk. This is a great one for beginners, because while there is no free option, it's super simple and easy to use! Eventually, I may outgrow it, but for now, I'm okay sticking it out because my email marketing has never been freaking easier! If you want to try out Flodesk, you can get 50% off your first year with my affiliate link HERE

2️⃣Understand your brand pillars, your content buckets and topics. What do you want to be known for? Stick to 3-4 things. I go over this in my catchy content course and it’s $67. It teaches you the basic set up of coming up with your ideas, content, what kinds of content to share, and shows you behind the scenes at my owns system of creating and repurposing (it's SO MUCH SIMPLER than you are making it!) and you can snag it HERE

3️⃣Network! You don’t need to pay for a table at some local event, go to events, socialize and connect with other locals and use any connections you’ve got. Hit the pavement, and get your name out there if you’re biz is local. Online business? Same rules apply, but collab online!
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