The surprising thing I learned by missing my yearly income goal by 3k

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I missed my 2022 income goal by LESS than 3k.
My first reaction? UGH. I was SO CLOSE. 
But on further inspection, I realized something really cool.
My income overall from 2021 to 2022, grew by 50%
That is including BOTH my photography business AND education/coaching.
My education/coaching business grew from 2021 to 2022 by…are you ready for this?…170%
Looking at it from one view point (not hitting my goal for the year) I was a “failure”. But, looking at it again, and seeing the overall growth between those two years…I realized…I'm doing alright.
Growth isn't linear. It's up and down, it's pit falls and exciting days. It's really all over the place. But as long as the trend is UP, I'm happy.
So, how did I do it? (let's be honest that is the only reason you are still reading this right?) 
(omg that screen shot I know but I'm far too fucking lazy and care too little to redo it and try to get a better one because who cares) 
If you prefer to read it, here is the 411:
I didn't do it alone.
Two big shifts for us in 2022, my husband left his full time job in the medical field in June, and I hired two people. 
One, a bookkeeper (Dory Dimes, she is the best!) andddd a private photo editor. Both are things that were huge time sucks for me (and let's be honest bookkeeping has never been my strength) and allowing others to help me, actually helped me INCREASE my income, even though I was SPENDING MORE MONEY. 
Now, before I get the eye roll and the, I'm a single Mom, or my husband can't quit, etc. etc. I am not saying that OUR PATH is for everyone. I'm not saying your partner HAS to quit their job, or that you have to hire who I did. I was a single Mom when I started my business. I had nothing. Literally. Nothing (a refresh on my founders story coming soon) so I did not start here. This has been many years in the making. 
What I am saying: You can't do it alone. You CANNOT grow alone. Sure, at first, money is tight. You have to get scrappy. You'll need to wear quite a few hats. 
But, you will get to a point where hiring, outsourcing, asking for help is going to be the ONLY way to get over the hump to the next level in your business…and your life. 
So if you're feeling stagnant, stuck at the same place, struggling…maybe it's time. Maybe it's time for a big shift. A big change. To take one of the hats off. 
And even if you AREN'T there, you aren't ready to take on another expense, you still need to invest in YOU. In your business. 
There is some silly fucking illusion that being an entrepreneur means doing it all yourself and alone. And this, is not only wrong, but its horrific advice. Entrepreneurs need help just like everyone else. We need to delegate, we need to become the business OWNER, not just the operator. 
2022 was really a year of big shifts for us. Of just trying to find our footing in this new season. 2023, is the year we take the next big steps. 
Reflection prompt for the day: What WAS 2022 for you? Sum it up in a sentence. What are you MANIFESTING for 2023? 
If you aren't sure what you need, if you know you need something, please reach out to me on Instagram any time and DM me so we can chat!
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