Your clients DON'T want to hear you talk about THIS

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Your clients don’t want to hear you talk about this...

I’m probably going to lose some people on this one. Some of you are going to disagree. But, you know what? That is okay! I am ALL up for healthy discussions and conversations.

But, someone needs to say this…stop whining to your clients about how much it costs to run your business.

Nothing makes me cringe more than the posts listing all the expenses of running your business. You know what I’m talking about…the reels of ‘what my clients think I spend my money on’ and then the next frame is a list of equipment, rentals, backdrops, rent, utilities, software, blahblahblahfuckingblah.

This is especially a big trend in the photography industry. And every time I see it, I let out a big fat sigh.


First of all, can we stop assuming that our clients are so dumb they don’t realize that we also grocery shop for our families? Second, can we stop acting like we are the ONLY self-employed people out here that have bills? And third, have you EVER actually had someone say, “I wasn’t going to book because of your pricing, but then I saw that post you shared about how much it costs to run your business and WOWEE, I realized I’ve just GOT to get on your schedule!”.

Didn’t think so.

Here’s the thing: When we focus on justifying our pricing, we put the spotlight on the wrong thing.

What we SHOULD be doing instead: Focusing on the what and the why of our offer.

What do I mean by this?

EXAMPLE: My husband and I went to a restaurant this weekend and spent monthly-car-payment-kind-of-money on ONE meal. You know, the kind of restaurant with no photos and the words ‘market price’ replacing actual numbers.

We got $15 drinks, appetizers, and market price meals without asking what the market price was. This is NOT something we do often, but we also rarely leave the house now since having our third kid so I was able to convince him this was worth it.

Now here is something I want to mention…my husband isn’t cheap, but he is frugal. He’s responsible.

I’m kind of the treat yo’ self person in the relationship. Throw caution to the wind. FUCK IT. Pretend like I fine dine 7 nights a week and don’t sit at home eating the leftover frozen chicken nuggets off my daughters plate while I simultaneously change a diaper gal.

My husband, on the other hand, yells about the electricity bill going up when lights get left on. He shops the grocery ad and makes meals based on what is on sale that week. He looks like Sheldon from Big Bang calculating how much less water we need to use to lower the bill.

(My point here is, for those of you who want to say, some people will never pay that because they are too cheap. Trust me, for the right experience, people will pay for it. Even the cheap ones.)

Back to dinner…The waiter didn’t come out and explain that my short ribs were going to be $44 because well, rent was expensive here, and the chef asked for a raise, and utilities, and table linens, etc. etc. etc. No, she stood there and rattled off words about glazes and accompaniments and port wine reduction sauce and concoctions and described in detail I couldn’t comprehend how this meal was being carefully crafted by a true food artist in the back. Okay, sold.

Now, imagine if she WOULD have told me about the rising price in table linens and how much they had to pay the hostess, how I would have felt differently about the experience overall. Ick, tacky much?

See the difference?
I don't give two fucks how expensive it is to keep the lights at the restaurant, i just want to know how this short rib is going to make me feel.

Not to mention, the justifying costs and explaining, quite frankly, makes me wonder who it is you are trying to convince you are worth it: the customer or yourself?

This is business, this is sales. This is MARKETING. And if you want to book people, you’re gonna need to learn how to do it.

If you are ready to become a business badass, feel free to head over to the courses page and see what I have to offer you, or reach out about working together.

And after we work together, I can guarantee you one thing: you are going to be able to name your market price with no shame or guilt. Then fucking own it. Port wine reduction and all.

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