3 Questions to Ask Yourself if you're not Getting Social Media Engagement

One of the girls from my Messy Marketer Membership sent me this message, “I’m tired of spending a whole hour to create a post and get only 30 likes! Sometimes I feel like it’s just waste of my time”.
How many of you have had that thought? Raise your hand. 
If you aren't raising your hand, I call bullshit.
This month we are focusing on social media inside the marketing membership, and before we have our guest speaker on the 31st (Kayla from Locke Photography is going to chat with us all about Instagram and how she has used it to grow her photography and education business!) and while I REALLY am a big advocate of NOT just using social media…it SHOULD be a part of your marketing plan.
Read again: Social media should not BE your marketing plan, but it should be a PART of it. 
It can be SO frustrating and disheartening to put your energy into a post, a caption, whatever, and feel like it got 4 likes. But, let's dissect this and consider a few things here…
Are our expectations grounded in reality, or totally unrealistic?
Depending on how many followers you have, 30 likes may be the right amount! We see people who have gone viral and built HUGE followings, and expect that sort of engagement. But, if we DON'T have that following of 50k followers, 99.9% of the time, we aren't going to get 1,500 likes on a post. Our views have been skewed by those top people we watch. Sure, when you compare 30 to 1,500, it seems like a big flop, but, those LIKES aren't the ONLY factors that matter. 
Are you posting just to check it off your list? 
Another thing that same student said, was that she realized she was doing the whole, “posting just to post because she felt she had to" thing I talked about in our call last week. It's better to consistently post ONE time on your feed a week, and have it be QUALITY content, than post 5 days a week just to do it and have it be total shit. Quality over quantity is the name of the game for 2023. 
What was your goal?
Was your goal to increase brand awareness? To gain more followers? To actually book a service? If we don't know WHY we are posting, or the intention of the content we are pushing out into the social media world…how do we know if it really failed? How do we measure its success? You need to KNOW why you are doing what you're doing!
Be honest, does your writing and marketing kinda suck?
If you wrote, ‘Ricky Bobby made me work for those smiles’ or ‘I sure do love shooting maternity photos' and didn't see a big impact from this…are you really that surprised? It's boring. It means nothing. It's fucking lame. 
I want you to be honest right now…WOULD YOU FOLLOW YOU?
Seriously think about it. Would you want to follow you? Do you find your content engaging? Fun? Entertaining? Educational? Or, is your content kind of like reheated take out? I'm talking microwave, no air fryer, reheated burger?
The bun is soggy. The burger is cold in the middle, the lettuce is wilted. It looks like a burger, but, it's kind of a sad reenactment of the meal you had a few days ago. 
Sure, the chef made a great meal. But, you took it home, let it sit in styrofoam for a few days, and then pulled it out and reheated it in your radioactive box on your counter. And…it's just not quite as good. 
Most people create a social media strategy based off of trying to copy what others are doing around them. But, they just end up kind of recreating a sad, half assed mess. 
You might be going through the motions, you might be doing it, but if you're doing it all wrong, you're half assing it, you're one foot out the freakin' door…it just isn't going to work. 
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