Why MOST Creative Entrepreneurs Fail (and how you can succeed!)

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It's not actually THAT big of a mystery why some businesses aren't working out. 

If you are one of those people, wondering wtf you are doing wrong…allow me to start here…You’ll spend 8 hours binging a show on Netflix, and 0 hours working on your business and wonder why you’re still broke. 

And, that is just an example. Not the FULL extent of the entire problem.

Some of you, invested thousands (or hundreds of thousands) on college degrees you don't use. But won't hire a mentor, or take a course, or invest in your education as an entrepreneur for even a few hundred bucks.


And yet, still some of you will spend 8 hours binging the latest show on Netflix, and 0 hours on your business today. And then wonder why you're still broke.


  • Posting to Instagram isn't marketing.
  • Checking your email isn't making inquiries appear any faster.
  • Scrolling Facebook isn't a money generating task.


And, deep down, most of us are doing these things and we know full well it isn't going to work. We KNOW we are doing the wrong thing. Yet, we continue on the same path, and then get all pissy and frustrated when we get the same results.

Let's talk about why we do this:

  • We are afraid of failing, and so, we figure, if we don't try, we can't fail. And how humiliating is failing in front of everyone? Right? Wrong. You have doomed yourself to be a failure by not trying and jumping on the self sabotage train. Kind of like the girl that breaks up with the guy before they can dump him. If you hurry up and be the dumper, then you won't have the embarrassment of being the dumpee. But, the problem with this is…you are still going through a break up and are going to feel like shit regardless. And when you don't try, you'll be left with all the what ifs and can't even tell yourself that at least you gave it your all, because you didn't
  • We care too much about what other people think. Your Mom, your husband, your sister, your best friend, your son's preschool teacher. What will they say or think? It's awkward and uncomfortable to put yourself out there. To take a chance. To go against the grain. It's always MUCH easier to go with the flow. But, it's also where MOST people are unhappy. Caring about what others think is a waste of time. A waste of the one precious life and chance you've been given. On your deathbed, will it really matter what your son's preschool teacher thought? Do you really THINK that is what is going to be running through your mind?
  • Our mindset is a jagged playground from Hell. I once got a cabin deal on Groupon and took my husband and son there for the 4th of July weekend. Well, the ‘cabin’ was basically one of the sheds you see in the Home Depot parking lot, it was raining nonstop and the campground was flooded, and the playground (half underwater) was disheveled and broken. Nails and screws poking out, broken, and we probably all needed tetanus shots for just looking at it. Your mindset, is like that drowning playground that looked more like one of the death trap mazes from one of the Saw movies. Broken, negative, self fulfilling prophecies of never accomplishing anything and not being good enough. Live like that, and you are right, you never will accomplish a damn thing.


What is the common denominator here? What does it ALL boil down to?



Fear we are going to fail. Fear that others will laugh at us. Fear that we are as worthless as someone (or ourselves) have told us that we are.


Fear can be a paralyzing and business killing emotion. But it's just that…it's just a feeling. Just an emotion. It's not a fact. And we don't have to live in this land. We can, at any point, choose to get up and walk the fuck out the door of the house of fear.


In order to really succeed with your business, you need to be bold. Daring. Grateful. And you need to accept that at times you WILL fail, and not only is that okay, but it's part of the process. You'll learn invaluable lessons in each failure. But what separates those who succeed and those who don't, are the ones who keep going after each failure. The ones who don't allow fear to dictate their next move.


So, how do we fix it?

I encourage you to sit down today and write it down. Write it out. Which one of the above is holding you back? Which fear? Why? Is it one of the above I listed, or maybe something else entirely? Is this proven to be true or a fact, or is it just feelings? Write down, what is the worst that could happen if you fail? What's the worst that could happen if you try? What do you really have to lose? 


I used to think mindset work was a whole lot of ya-ya sisterhood bullshit, I'll be honest. But I realized that a broken mind can't build a business as big as my dreams. And before I can build something externally, I would need to fix some things internally.


Do the work. But don't stop there. Take action. Get up off the couch today and so something that really scares you. Take a leap of faith. And don't let fear make you its little bitch.

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