Welcome to the Lauren Grayson Show

Where the best kind of show, is a shit show

My motto

Done is better than perfect

What began as a single online course intended to help other photographers bridge the gap between the artists they were and the business women they wanted to be has become so much more. SO, SO, much more.

I offer an array of online courses and programs and personalized one on one coaching. My focus, Is always business and marketing. As creatives, we tend to well, want to create pretty things, and close our eyes real tight and just kind of HOPE the business thing works out. 

Hate to be the one to tell you but, you can be the most passionate and genius creative or photographer, but without the right systems, tools, and strategies, it won't matter. 


I am not your average "educator" 

hype woman. educator. mentor. teacher. bleh.

barf into a cup and feed it back to me why don't ya. 

so many buzzwords that honestly make me want to puke more than the last time I pounded a box of cheap wine (read: don't try that at home or anywhere, ever)

I prefer to describe myself as the friend who tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  Things like (but not limited to), no that outfit doesn't look good on you, yes you will absolutely regret the bangs, and finally...your business is an absolute fucking mess.

But, DON'T WORRY, I won't drop that bomb on you and leave ya hanging. Lucky for you, I tend to THRIVE on MESS. I'm the Marie Kondo of business here to clean up this shit storm you have created. So hike up those big girl panties (again) and let's create the business and life you intended to have.